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41885RE: [John Muir Trail] Daytime Bear Safety

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  • robert shattuck
    May 17 11:12 AM

      "How concerned should I be about food safety during the day?"

      It's always a good idea, if you plan on being away from your pack, to take the canister out. If you're one of those that leaves their stuff outside the tent at night, definitely be sure to take your canister out of the pack as a bear will just run off with the whole thing and then take it's time ripping into your pack––I've seen that one. 

      If you're going to go bag a peak or whatever and plan on leaving your pack, most definitely separate the two. 

      As for swimming in the lakes, it's all a judgement call––you really aren't going to be in the lake too long unless you're related to polar bears, in which case, you'll have no problems with puny brown bears . . . 

      Remember, you aren't just up against the bears––there's squirrels and marmots and you might even consider deer––they all like salt and finding it on your pack might cause them to take to chewing on your straps . . . usually, if I have plans to go off and leave my pack, I still have my tent up, so everything goes in the tent and I've never had a problem. 


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