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41872Re: FAQ | Kitestring -- first posted on Sidebar, user requested it be promoted to main board

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  • forgetwho
    May 16, 2014
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      I'm the member who emailed Roleigh privately :-).  I'm really happy to know about this - it addresses a concern I've had for awhile about doing virtually all of my training hikes alone and not wanting to always burden others with being aware as to whether or not I've checked back in afterwards.

      As Roleigh says, you don't even need a smartphone to use this.  I tested this out (using just myself at first as my "emergency contact") by programming a trip duration into my old-fashioned cell phone.  At the appointed time, I got a text back from Kitestring asking if I was okay, and when I replied, I got a confirmation message.  Then I programmed a new trip and this time did not respond with an "ok" message when I got the text asking me to.  In five minutes, I got a text suggesting that I call me (that is, that my emergency contact call me) to see if I was all right. 

      You can also program the message that your contacts will get with the specific details of your planned trip - and you can do that without a smartphone too.

      I think this is brillliant...:-)


      ---In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, <roleigh@...> wrote :

      I posted about kitestring on Sidebar and how it can help hikers on training hikes in case they run into trouble (health, lost, animal encounter, etc).

      A member emailed me privately saying she liked the app so much as it does not require a smartphone.  Since we all do training hikes (or we should be doing training hikes), take a look at this free service (yes, it's free).  Here is their FAQ.


      "The big differentiator with Kitestring? It works based in your inaction, not action. Kitestring founder Stephen Boyer, 23, created the app to keep his girlfriend safe in her dodgy San Francisco neighbourhood, but in an interview withElle magazine, the founder says the elderly, real estate agents and hikers are just some of the clients who've delivered feedback."
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