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41313Re: A Little Humor On Trekking Poles And Going Light!

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  • thruhiker1
    Apr 26, 2014
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      And to clarify, I am a old school heavyweight backpack who has slowly transitioned to lighter weights, don't qualify as UL yet, because of its many merits.  I went from a novice backpacker in '99 thru-hiking the AT with 68 pounds for 7 days of food to a about 35 pounds now for the equivalent in the desert, which includes 5 quarts of water most of the time.  I have been converted, it just took a while.  

      Also to clarify, someone read my analogy of herd immunity and bear canisters as "herd mentality".  I can see how "herd mentality" could convey a pejorative attitude and have no desire to convey that idea.  I am a biologist by training so the idea of people choosing not to carry bear canisters reminded me of how herd immunity protects individuals who choose not to vaccinate but is a precarious balancing act.  

      Sorry again to the community here for how my comment caused an issue today (I would have corrected myself sooner but was driving home for 12 hours). I am especially sorry to John for misreading your comment which led others to do the same.  And to "rnperky" for sidetracking your thread.  I actually appreciated the original post and its humor.  I have read her blog several times now.

      Hope I can be clearer and more productive in the future.  

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