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41311Re: A Little Humor On Trekking Poles And Going Light!

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  • thruhiker1
    Apr 26, 2014
      Sorry my misinterpretation led the conversation astray.  I missed the analogy John was trying to convey but also never meant to paint a broad picture of UL hikers.  I had specific experiences with UL moochers 15 years ago on the AT and it led me to be hesitant to make the transition.  I have no desire to say modern UL-ers fit into one particular box.  I meant to convey that I was shocked that mooching food and shelter existed on the JMT (which is doesn't sound like it is) and must have missed the mark. I know plenty of quality UL folks and I also know some who break the rules for their own selfish benefit. The first category is much larger.  My other comments were about trying to find balance in outdoor education and guiding as marketing mottos like "Light is Right" are not the best ways to introduce novices to the benefits of weight reduction IMHO.

      Sincerely sorry my misreading led the conversation off course.  I have a hard time with internet forums sometimes and will try to learn from this particular mistake.  Hope this did not cause too much friction or grief.

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