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41299Re: A Little Humor On Trekking Poles And Going Light!

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  • richardandjoslyn
    Apr 26, 2014
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      Thanks for the clarification.  You are right, I am very critical of those who don't carry bear cans where they are needed.  I wish I didn't have to carry one because it'd get my basweight below 8lbs, but nothing is worth putting the wildlife at risk.  I am constantly amazed at people who say they love wildlife and the wilderness and then behave in a manner that is damaging to both of those things.  I am glad to hear it is a small group of people who are like that out here.  While I grew up in the SW, this is my first summer back in 8 years and I would have been very upset if that had become a norm.

      As to her overall article, I'm very skeptical of her abilities and true understanding of UL backpacking.  The way she presents herself, it sounds like she's very new to UL and doesn't really get it.  She makes it sound like we all go romping off into the woods without the essentials, like proper sleeping gear, clothes, or water.  Honestly she's got a great writing style, but her information is lacking.  I have the same book she references and I didn't get any of the things she seems to have come away with. They are just tips, not gospel and they are only intended to get you thinking outside of the box in what you can cut.  If trekking poles work for you, even Mike would say take them.  Frankly trekking poles don't make you any faster either.  Barefoot Jake is all over the Olympics without trekking poles and he can hike circles around even some of the most experienced UL'ers I know.  Her idea about no TP; I could have told her wasn't going to work in the desert and if she had done more research on the area she was going to be hiking and less about what other hikers carry, she would have known that.  Of course if she thinks she's digging a 6" cat hole in the desert with the tip of a trekking pole, her bathroom breaks may be longer than she would like the second time around.  Some jobs just require the correct tool, like a trowel.

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