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    Apr 25 5:45 PM
      Is the new bath house up and running?

      On Fri, Apr 25, 2014 at 4:25 PM, robert shattuck <bobolonius@...> wrote:

      As noted, pay for meals and such and you can camp for free at VVR. They'd love to have you, but budget about $40--60 a day for food. Beer is one thing there that's not over-priced. 

      Showers are about $7 bucks and now you buy a token that gives you seven minutes. Nice new showers, good pressure, heat. 

      Sadly due apparently to a few very messy PCTers a few summers back, they no longer let you stay in the backpacker tents unless you want to pay for one; 4 bunks, about $50. 

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      On Apr 25, 2014, at 11:15 AM, outdoorsyarchivist@... wrote:


      All this has me thinking: We've recently decided to really look into doing the trail this year, so obviously we didn't have time to snatch up reservations (I basically found out I'm not starting my post-graduate school job until September, thus we couldn't plan ahead).

      For some reason I can't really find an answer via their website, but as a thru-hiker can you camp at VVR without reservations? I'm not particularly attached to the idea of a trailer etc. so I'd just be thrilled with a place for the tent. But am just curious if you're allowed to hang out for a day or so while camping.

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