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41288Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: A Little Humor On Trekking Poles And Going Light!

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  • thruhiker1
    Apr 25 5:12 PM
      Its similar to the issue of vaccinations and herd immunity.  If those who don't follow the common wisdom become a large enough community then it risks the entire population, wether it be increased bear encounters or increased regulations that are less friendly to thru-hikers.  

      So on the JMT people who go light ask for your food and to share your shelter.  Eeh.  I thru-hiked the AT before ultralight became common.  The few folks who were doing it were focused on the gear and not the skill-set required to get away with the approach; didn't pan out well for many of them and they became entitled to using the shelters, especially during predictable foul weather.  Scared me away from going that direction for years because I did not want to be entitled or infringe on others experiences.  Took me 15 years of gaining skills to find a base pack weight below 18 pounds like it is now (would be closer to 15 lbs if I had bought a lighter pack if I knew how quickly I would shave weight when updating the last 18 months).  

      I just can't imagine having the audacity to go lightweight and then asking to use someone's tent.  That just goes against everything I value in backpacking and backcountry endeavors: properly preventing and mitigating risk; self-reliance; personal balance between comfort and reducing gear.  I always cringed when other guides and outdoor educators told newbies that "light is right" without first teaching them the skills to take care of themselves.  Cart before the horse in my book.

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