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  • John Ladd
    May 1, 2009
      For lots of calories with not much weight and not much volume in the bearcan I field-mix hummus:

      1/3 cup dried chickpea flour (dry hummus mix)
      1/3-1/2 cup olive oil (or walnut or hazelnut or lemon-infused olive)
      enuf water to make the consistancy right (usually 1/4 cup)

      for variety, sometimes add
      1 sun-dried tomato (soaked and diced first)

      If I have room in my bearcan, I have it on blue corn taco shells (they pack fairly compactly if you break them in half and lay them nestled inside each other).

      I alternate it with peanut butter, or almond butter, or cashew butter.

      Someone challenged my argument that hummus was more weight-efficient than peanut butter, so I pencilled it out:

      Hummus weight analysis

      Typically carry 1 cup of hummus powder (6 oz. by weight) and 1.5 cup of olive oil (12.5 oz. by weight) - after add'n of water, will make 26.5 oz. of prepared hummus by weight - by weight, hummus 170 calories per oz., olive oil is 248 calories per oz.

      Total calories carried 4,120 for carry weight of 18.5 oz., of 223 calories per carried oz.

      Per lb carried, hummus provides 3,568 calories and 1.3 lbs of prepared food (the extra 0.3 lb from the added water)

      For comparison, 1 lb. of carried peanut butter provides 2,944 calories and 1 lb of food to eat.

      So each lb. of hummus adds 21% calories and 30% ingested food weight

      Both are easy to "graze" on in brief rest stops.
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