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411Pancake Breakfast on the JMT

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  • snow_nymph_2000
    Jul 7, 2001
      I'm back, a day early because of the mosquitos
      and rain. Our group of 9 started at Bear Creek Dam
      Diversion, and came out at Florence Lake. WED: rain, bugs,
      thunder, lightning, hot & humid, sun for a few hours, more
      bugs. THURS: lotsa bugs, rain, thunder & lightning,
      rained most of the day, never saw the sun, and rained
      most of the night. FRI: More rain & bugs, and a
      special treat at Marie Lake. A guy named Garvin had a
      tarp & friendship flags set up, and made multigrain
      pancakes served with syrup, and hot tea for hikers. He was
      in Tasmania, AU, and was treated to this, so wanted
      to give to others what he experienced there. He had
      mules bring in barrels with supplies, including flour,
      Coleman, dishes to serve breakfast, but they only came in
      15 miles. His friends helped carry the load up in
      about 5 trips. Awesome! We spent 1.5 hrs there (still
      raining), then headed to Muir Ranch. This section was my
      favorite part of the trip -- alpine lakes, lots of
      wildflowers. Rained on & off the rest of the day, and all
      night (lots of bugs too). SAT: rain stopped long enough
      to pack up, 1/2 hr out it started pouring again.
      Took the ferry back instead of hiking in more rain.
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