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40737Re: 2013 Hiker Survey - teaser charts

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  • brucelem12
    Apr 5, 2014
      ----- CLIPPED  From mnmcogan21 -----------
      . ......"This is fascinating John......thanks for putting this together.  If I read your analysis correctly, I am a bit surprised actual mileage exceeded planned mileage.  Any ideas on this?  My understanding from reading about the trail, visiting forums, etc. is that people tend to overestimate.....but your results seem to contradict this. "..... Mike ..............
      I concur...fun and interesting to see your graphs John.
      As for actual vs planned mileage...pure conjecture on my part Mike, but I suspect that those that fill out surveys will tend to be a little bit older, a little more inclined to researching before jumping into something, and a little more on the cautious/low bar side w/ estimating things, as opposed to being overly ambitious. less cautious, and less inclined to extensive planning. I know I've transitioned from the latter to the former over time.

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