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  • brucelem12
    Apr 5, 2014
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      I’m not local to Mammoth, (so all those who live around there feel free to hop in and provide corrections/additions as appropriate), but Mammoth is quickly becoming a favorite springboard for me.
      Mammoth airport is 7 miles out in the flats W of town.
      It’s a relatively easy 2 hr walk but sun baked/hot in summer.
      If I remember correctly, cab fare to town edge is $15 for 1 plus tip and there usually seems to be one waiting for fares from the daily LA flight.
      Most of the more economical (in relative terms of course – this is a tourist town) hotels/restaurants/shops are all along the half mile stretch of Main St stretching from town entry onward W. 
      The Ranger Station/permit office/Visitor Center, the main bus stop (ESTA and YARTS at the McDonalds/Shiloh Inn), City campgrounds, and Mammoth RV Park, are all right within the first few blocks. Post Office is 3-5 blocks farther W on Main St.  Main grocery store is about a half mile S from town entry down the secondary business row of Old Mammoth Road.
      Mammoth RV Park at town entry is my go to layover spot the night before and after flights. About $30 for a tent site and hot showers. Nothing pretty...lot’s of RV campers all around. They have held an empty duffle in their back closet for me, but it is not a specifically advertised service.
      A lot of the medium to high end hotels/restaurants/shops are another half mile or so farther at the W end of Main St in/around Mammoth Village, (trendy brewpubs, restaurants/galleries/etc).
      The town has awesome free busses/shuttles running all over town, W up to the base of the mountain (Mountain Lodge), and SW out to the Lake Basin. The bus from the Mountain lodge to Devils Postpile is $7.
      It’s a 2-3 mile walk on a nice bike path out to the Lakes Basin from Mammoth Village as an alternative to the free shuttle.
      I love Mammoth as a place for additional pre and post hikes for acclimation and travel buffer time. There are a wide variety of trailheads/hikes accessible right from the shuttles and it’s easy to get a walk up permit for something if you’re flexible. Lot’s of great hikes both long and short, day or multi night out of the Lake Basin and Devil’s Postpile. Beautiful hikes just minutes away. Can just walk for miles on flat trail day hikes all around the 6-7 closest lakes in the Basin, take day hikes in about 5 directions from there up to other lakes or vistas, or go farther overnight. They’re all lovely.
      Great town...though of course a tourist town and expensive, but the grocery store’s reasonable and you can always do an overnight hike a few miles into the wilderness to camp (w/ a permit). It’s easy to mix some expensive trendy meals/shopping/brewpub exploring in Mammoth Village w/ beautiful outdoors exploring in the Lake Basin all in close time/proximity if you want.
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