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40732Re: [John Muir Trail] Transportation

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  • Arla Hile
    Apr 5, 2014
      I looked into this a lot: 
      Eastern Sierra transit bus from Lone Pine to Mammoth or Lee Vining ($14 to Mammoth and $19 to Lee Vining) and then switch to YARTS to get all the way back to Yosemite. But the buses out of Lone Pine don't run every day and the days they do run (M T Th F) there are only two buses a day, one at 6:15 am and one at 7:40 pm.. YARTS is 7 days a week in July and Aug, but only weekends in June and Sept. YARTS is $26 from Lee Vining and $36 from Mammoth. 

      If you take the am bus from Lone Pine to Mammoth, the am bus gets you to Mammoth at 8:20 am, the the YARTS bus leaves at 8:30am. Probably means an overnight in Lone Pine which is relatively economical. If you take the evening bus out of Lone Pine, you're staying in Mammoth for the night, which might not be cheap. 

      I also contacted a couple outfits who offer shuttle services from Whitney Portal trailhead, I'll simply say they ain't cheap...my recollection is $200 - $250 per person so the two of us were looking at over $400. 

      More info here: http://climber.org/data/shuttles.html

      On Saturday, April 5, 2014 3:14 PM, "marcellingson@..." <marcellingson@...> wrote:
      Hey all am planning sobo thru hike for this summer.  Logistically, I think it will be easier for me to drive out instead of fly.  I would prefer to leave car at the finish (lone pine). What is the easiest route to get to Yosemite from here? We start the hike on a Tuesday and it looks like there are some buses to either Mammoth or Lee Vining.

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