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40703Mammoth Transition

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  • Chip
    Apr 5, 2014
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      I'm coming from the east coast to hike the JMT in August. I just purchased airplane tickets tha will drop me off in Mammoth a few days before I head out for Happy Valley (Isle). I have a few questions now about the town of Mammoth. Is it difficult to get from the airport to town, what is the best and most convenient place to stay, and basically how hard is it to find the Post Office, bus stops, etc?

      I'm planning a few down days there as I switch from town mode to hiker mode. I live at an elevation of 410 feet and I'll need some time at altitude to acclimate my body before I start the hike. I plan on walking in town and possibly site seeing, (Devils Postpile, Reds Meadow?) or something. I'll also scope out the YARTS and ESTA stops and schedules before I need them.

      I would also like to find a way to store my town clothes an duffle bag so that they will be there when I get off the trail. I've thought about mailing a box to myself from Mammoth to myself at Mammoth, basically paying a fee to hold the box, another thought would be to ask the motel if they would hold the box until I return.

      Any help would be appreciated.
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