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4000RE: [John Muir Trail] Zip together bags?

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  • robert shattuck
    Apr 10, 2009
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      Do you already sleep romantically, like they do in the movies, one arm wrapped around the other. Do you wake up entwined in rapture with the beat of her heart so close, every day. I'm betting (and we should start a pool here) that after a few days of lovely reek, you two will be happy to have a little space, not to mention what if one of you gets out there and sleeps like a little cozy kitty and the other one just tosses all night, with a rock under HIM��one of you is going to be tugging and screwing up the others sleep and there can be so little good sleep on the trail. I am either lucky and out like a rock on a rock, or I am up all night, roll over, wake up, dream, roll over, wake up. I think you should practice safe sleeping: unzip, sleep, then zip up or some such variant. Don't know much about bag/zipper compatibility but I'll bet there are a bunch of bags that might work together, you just have to have a right-zip bag and left zip bag��there's your first argument and now you're gonna spend XX amount of nights wrasslin' one another. It just means that when you get to Lone Pine and you check into a hotel and they ask, "one bed or two," you'll both pipe up with, "two, please." . . . I'm really just jealous. enjoy.


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      Date: Fri, 10 Apr 2009 07:59:52 +0000
      Subject: [John Muir Trail] Zip together bags?

      My squeeze wants zip together bags, and I'm wondering if anybody has any experience with them. 20 degrees or thereabouts. And light!


      Matt Sheehan

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