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  • richfax
    Mar 23, 2009
      For you weight weenie backpackers here's a couple of ultralight toothbrush options. Of course you can always bring NO toothbrush, if that's an option for you (maybe you've already lost all your teeth).

      1. The finger toothbrush. This just slides over your finger. http://www.nwbackpack.com/products/ultralight_toothbrush.php You can also find versions of this same thing in the baby aisle at CVS or Target. It's marketed to parents for brushing their baby's teeth.

      2. Last year I brought two CVS clean & fresh teeth wipes on the JMT. These are similar to Oral-B Brush ups. They also slide over the finger but are made of paper. I reused each one for about a week although their only supposed to be used once. Not as effective as a real brush but still left my mouth feeling clean.

      3. My new favorite is the Colgate Wisp. It is a very small mini-brush and has a bead of freshening paste. It also has a nice toothpick on the other end. These again are marketed as single use but I find it can be used for the entire trip. http://www.colgatewisp.com/wisp/HomePage

      4. Yes, you can bring a travel toothbrush or cut your old toothbrush in half and drill it, but what fun is that?
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