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  • Barbara Karagosian
    Mar 4, 2009
      Hi Matt - It's sadly July 19 because of my teenage daughter who has to be
      back for high school registration on Aug 17. Combined with my appallingly
      low anticipated daily mileage, and zero day in Independence when we collect
      my husband plus resupply, that leads to an earlier start than I would really
      like. We usually hike in August. Tho I have been in the LYV Half Dome
      area in mid June and had no problems. I've heard cutting candy out of the
      diet, and eating lots of vit B or yeast beforehand might help - or maybe
      that just makes you walk faster.


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      You are a wealth of information and a great help with trip planning. I am
      slightly confused though by your trip dates. I seems with this years snow
      pack thus far you are hitting the peak for mossies. I am sure there is a
      good reason, but why July?

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      > I've used a Bear Vault - both the smaller and larger versions. You can see
      > what's inside them but they can be a pain to open sometimes. Now I sue the
      > Wild Ideas Bearikade. These open using a quarter, but as long as you don't
      > lose your quarter, they are great. The lid is attached by a piece of
      > so you don't misplace it. The two sizes - Weekender and expedition, each
      > hold more and are lighter weight than the equivalent Bear Vault. And you
      > can rent them rather than buy. And there is a special $50 flat rental rate
      > for thru hikers, including the JMT.
      > The Expedition (holds food and fragrant toiletries for one for 9 days)
      > upright into my ULA Catalyst pack or into my husband's GoLite Quest pack.
      > Some people also strap their canisters horizontally across the top of
      > packs.
      > Also, remember that you don't nee to ut the first day's snacks and dinners
      > into the canister, but will need to put sunscreen, deet, chapstick etc
      > it at night.
      > Hope this helps - Barbara
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