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  • eric schultz
    Feb 7, 2014
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      I live in Phoenix, Az.  Other than flying from Phoenix to Mammoth and staying the night in Mammoth what are my other options? 
      1. Phoenix to Reno.  Then what?
      2. Phoenix to San Francisco.  Then what?
      3. Phoenix to Oakland.  Then what?
      4.  I can drive, but between paying for transportation between trailheads and the gas to get to Yosemite, I think I can fly for less.  Less not only from a money standpoint but a time standpoint as well.
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      A prof of mine at UVM, did some of his early work on bumblebees. He showed that they have a countercurrent exchange heat mechanism that allows them to keep their flight muscles warm so that they are active at low temperatures in the spring or in arctic-alpine ecosystems. He is the proud recipient of a Golden Fleece Award (for wasting taxpayer money) for "taking rectal temperatures of bumblebees".

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