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38019RE: Wildflower session on JMT

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  • rstrimbeck
    Feb 7, 2014

      Hi Chris

      You may well know as much or more about mosquito biology as I do, but from what I know what you have said on that side is correct, except maybe to add fruits as well as nectar to the adult diet.

      I sent you a private message also if you want to talk more science.


      ---In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, <cehauser1@...> wrote:

      Hi Rick:

      Wow.  Thanks so much for checking my work.  I'm a biologist too, but pollination biology is definitely outside my area of expertise.  Yes, I understand that certain plants are pollinated by certain animals, but it is good to know that mosquitoes are probably not important pollinators.  However, while mosquitoes might not actually pollinate many plants, is it true that mosquitoes get most of their nutrition from flower nectar (with the exception of the females needing protein to lay their eggs)?

      I'm interested in hearing what you do and where you work.  Care to share, off this JMT list?

      Thanks again,


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