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37866RE: What do you do with your stuff?

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  • cehauser1
    Feb 4, 2014

      Bear Canisters:  Before my 2013 JMT hike, I had read that the canister needed to be placed about 50 feet away from the campsite, in a place where it couldn't get rolled off a cliff, into a river, etc.  Not necessary to put them any further away.  However, on my trip this summer, I generally kept the bear canister either right next to my sleeping bag (I slept outside), or 20 feet away from where I was sleeping.  I also generally cooked in my sleeping bag, although I don't think this was a good idea.  But still, I never had any problems.

      I have a strong suspicion:  when bear canisters first became required, the bears were probably batting them around every night like a cat with a ball of string, so it was very important to place them away from the campsite.  However, it probably hasn't taken many years for the bears to understand that they can't get into the canisters, so they don't waste their time.  I continue to hear of bears getting peoples' poorly hung food bags, but I don't hear any recent stories about bears batting around closed food canisters.  I'd suggest that exact placement of the cans (or the cooking gear) at night is no longer important at all.


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      More generally, where do you leave bear cans and cooking gear at night, i.e. how far from the tent (in sight of the tent?)  and is there some strategy to keep items from rolling away if the bears mess with them? On the one recent occasion I was in smart bear country we established a separate kitchen area away from the tents and left everything there but that was a one-nighter.
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