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37841RE: [John Muir Trail] What do you do with your stuff?

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  • Joe MacLeish
    Feb 4, 2014

      I haven't (yet) seen a Grizzly or Polar Bear on the JMT but ...



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      "On the Bear can issue I think you find two schools.  One is too put the bear can far away. "100 yards" seems a bit extreme but ...  The other is to put it close"


      Don't the two schools of thought correspond to the two* types of bear?   In grizzly country - far, far away.  You don't want a grizzly anywhere near you, and you're never going to try to scare him away from your canister, you just let it do it's job until he loses interest.    With black bears I guess you can keep the canister close and scare them off.


      * And I guess there's polar bears.  Take a canister large enough to hide in?

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