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37837RE: [John Muir Trail] What do you do with your stuff?

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  • robert shattuck
    Feb 4, 2014
      "Just wondering if there are established practices for these situations."

      I'm just lazy. I use a pee bottle at night so I don't have to get out of the tent and I always camp with my canister close enough to see and piled with a something noisy, like to pot and stove and a few rocks. Never had a problem as long as I've not been in heavy bear areas, like Lyell Canyon. 

      . . . And once you get to LYV, set up camp, meet your neighbors and you can feel pretty good about heading up to HD and leaving all your stuff in camp. 

      If you get up there in the  early afternoon, the camp is usually a ghost town of tents and gear, sleeping bags and such, airing out and it's all pretty mellow until you get those groups of HD hikers, coming back from their day on the summit, all happy and loud. If you get the sense that there's going to be a noisy group, just mention it to the ranger when s/he comes around and I'm sure they'll say a little something to 'em. 

      "and is there some strategy to keep items from rolling away if the bears mess with them?" 

      In LYV you can just put your canister in the bear boxes, of course, but elsewhere, look for a place that you can wedge your canister––maybe between a few rocks, or fallen trees, or if anything. corral it with whatever, rocks, branches––but mostly just don't leave it open to rolling down a hill, or into a stream and DO NOT, if you leave your pack outside your tent, put the canister in the pack. as the bears will just thank you by taking your pack and ripping it up. 


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