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37833RE: What do you do with your stuff?

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  • ravi_jmt2013
    Feb 4, 2014
      I set up camp at Little Yosemite Valley and left everything inside my tent except for a small day pack with minimal contents, then hiked up to Half Dome. At Little Yosemite Valley, there are bear boxes so you can put your bear can in one of the boxes.  I did not get the sense that lots of day hikers visit the camping area which is probably because there is a shortcut to Half Dome that bypasses the campground.  I was not concerned about theft. 

      I cooked away from my sleeping area on most, but not all, nights.  Bear can was placed at least 100 yards from my sleeping area on most nights.  I never heard a bear and my bear can was never moved.  Try to put the bear can in a place where it won't roll away if a bear messes with it.  Usually placing it between a couple of fallen trees will prevent a can from rolling away.
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