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36517Re: [John Muir Trail] Maps

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  • cehauser1
    Jan 6, 2014

      I used the Tom Harrison JMT map pack, and loved it.  I used the back of each map to write a daily journal.  The water-proof material of the Harrison maps was a real plus, as standard paper maps would have gotten wet a number of times, and survived my trip.  (Ball point pen ink works well on this synthetic material, and won't smear after drying for a minute or two.)

      From a quick glance, the Postholer and Halfmile maps look like they are the about same scale, and are about twice as detailed as the Harrison maps... I'm not sure this greater detail is necessary for summer hiking of the JMT, and in fact it comes at the cost of more maps to carry (not the added weight, but the complication of having to organize 40 separate maps).

      On my JMT hike this summer, I took a half-day detour off the JMT to visit a hot spring.  This detour is thoughtfully included on one of the Harrison maps (page 9), but is not even visible on the Halfmile maps, and it is only partially shown on the Postholer maps.  Halfmile does show popular side trails / bailouts, that Postholer does not.  Also, I have a hard time seeing blue trails on maps (my mind automatically interprets them as streams).


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