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36140Re: Valley backpacker camp

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  • forgetwho
    Dec 20, 2013
      I believe all of you - these experiences sound awful - but I must have gotten lucky; I was very pleasantly surprised by my experience in the backpackers' camp in the Valley last July 24.  I got there early and took a site at the back of the camp - there was no one behind me.  The camp filled up but no one joined me in my site - maybe latecomers plunked themselves down in other people's sites before they got to mine.  I had neighbors in the sites to either side and in front of me, but they were quiet and I got a good night's sleep.

      At the backpackers' camps at both Tuolumne and LYV it was a different story, however - both of those were crowded, loud, and generally horrible.

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