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  • snkworth
    Dec 19, 2013
      After a 4-year hiatus from this place, enough time to forget just how horrible the place really is, we tried again last year. There were no unoccupied "sites" so we asked a young woman who was pitching a solo tent whether she would mind if we squeezed in to share the table and bear box. She was happy to do so, and we chatted a bit as we settled in. As dusk approached, we opened the bear box to store our food for the night, and discovered that someone had filled the box full with Camp chairs and thermarests. We needed the space for our food, so we put the gear on top of the box. What would you have done? We got in our tent at dark, when the owners of the camping equipment walked into camp and, outraged, wanted to know what the #*¥%# was going on, this is our site, we reserved it by putting our stuff here, etc. etc. We eventually convinced them that the park service turns no one away from this camp, that the bear boxes and tables need to be shared, that when you are on foot in a park that only allows camping in this one spot, you do not exactly have much choice on where to go, etc. etc. This event turned out to just be the Overture to a very noisy, tiresome opera that seemed to go on all night. Oh yeah, and the smell of human waste from the toilet all night was pretty bad, too! Never again!

      Serge from Mt. Shasta

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      > There is a phenomena about the backpacker camp in the valley in that by night fall the camp is usually barely half occupied and then after that the hordes arrive until the wee hours, noisely clattering around, talking in day time voices without a seeming care for those who are already sleeping in their tents.
      > Where they come from at such times is a mystery. There are no buses running to drop them off, and surely they were not hiking in the dark, so what goes on? They are a pest and one of the major drawbacks with hanging around in the valley rather than getting onto the trail.
      > Ken.
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