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35946RE: Reno to YV on a Sun.???

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  • kent.mclemore
    Dec 4, 2013
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      Thanks everyone. I would love to fly into SF (my hometown!) but currently the airfare is nearly double that of flying into Reno. I just checked Fresno, and its $150 less than SFO. I also just reviewed Roleigh's "Getting from Fresno to YV" file (Amtrak to Merced, Yarts to YV). It's looking better all the time, especially since the whole trip can be done on a Sun. and Labor Day. 

      I'd fly Southwest but 1) it entails a two hour drive to/from Tulsa; 2) Southwest also does not fly into Fresno; 3) it looks like I can't book a flight on Southwest until very close to or after my permit application date (March 18). 

      Re: the SFO option, can we get from the city to YV and pick up permits in the same day? And does anyone have info on the bus from Fisherman's Wharf to YV? Can I purchase just a one way ticket, or am I paying for a tour/return trip I won't use?

      Thanks again for your help!

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