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35769RE: JMT 2014 in July

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  • styllista
    Nov 18, 2013


      I really want to do the JMT backpacking, but I can't find someone or a backpacking group who want to do the JMT backpacking. Do you think I could Join you for JMT backpacking in 2014? thanks styllista@...

      ---In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, <berdomb@...> wrote:

      Due to my 15yr old sons high school starting the first week of August, If I want him to do the JMT with me, it has to be in July.  Im planning to start the second week of July SOBO, and will finish the last week, taking about 18 days or so including 2 zeros.  This will only work if snow pack allows it obviously. 

      So, my question is, in an AVERAGE snow year, would we expect to still find snowfields in late july on the highest passes?  Or ice on the trail on the south side of Forester?   Obviously in a LOW snow year like this past year it would have not been a problem.  What about the creek crossings?   I dont mind some snow and ice, but Im not crazy about putting my son in any hazardous situation. 

      Again, Im talking in an average year based on April 1 snowpack.   I know this will be a speculative trip, and only go thru if the snowpack is probably somewhat below average.   (Im rooting for record low again myself), sorry CA.  Just trying to feel out what may be possible.  The reports from the PCT hikers will tell what the status is, but Id like to know what to expect as soon as possible..
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