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  • John Ladd
    Oct 3, 2013
      Muir Trail Ranch charges the same for any size paint bucket. So if you are in a group, consider the 7 gallon paint buckets. They are harder to find than standard 5 gallon buckets, but you can get them at US Plastic dot com and elsewhere.

      John Curran Ladd
      1616 Castro Street
      San Francisco, CA  94114-3707

      On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 1:26 PM, <amrowinc@...> wrote:

      Is the only way to send a resupply container by using a barrel or can you send a regular UPS box? 
      That depends on the place you're resupply at.  MTR "requires" using a bucket.  Tuolumne Meadows is a Post office and will accept boxes as well as buckets. Red's Meadow uses a PO box address so again you can use anything a PO will accept.  VVR prefers you ship via UPS so again any container they will accept.  If you use a packer you'll need to find out from them what they want.  Usually a regular box is fine and that's what I've used.  I would suggest using Priority Mail service for tracking and also ease of return to you if you have to bail before getting your resupply.
      You'll need to check for weight limits, often 25lbs and you don't have to use a 5 gal bucket.  3-3.5 gal buckets have worked for me  Remember you'll be putting everything, except for what ever treat you've packed, in your canister.  A five gallon bucket is 1155ci and that's bigger than any approved canister.


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      Is the only way to send a resupply container by using a barrel or can you send a regular UPS box? 

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      On Oct 3, 2013, at 6:19 AM, <groundhogsteve@...> wrote:


      Pringles are good - I want something crunchy - Triscuit or Wheat Thins. 

      Dried Pineapple.

      Faygo pineapple soda - I don't know why I thought of that, but it's really neat to have out in the wild, and I use their plastic bottles as one of my water bottles, so I tell myself it's just a replacement water bottle......

      ---In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, <johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Pringles at MTR. Corn chips at Sandy Junction (Kearsarge Pass trail)  I couldn't figure out how to pack ice cream otherwise that would have been in my resupply box.

      ---In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, <chelsealee808@...> wrote:

      Can anyone recommend any "treats" or things that would be nice to have/look forward to in your refuel container?

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