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35308RE: Now My Search for the JMT

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  • whcobbs
    Oct 2, 2013



      Really, you are not going to be solo, so long as you are on the trail.  I hiked from TM to Whitney Portal 27 August--15 September 2013.  I never went more than 2 hours without human contact.  The sole exception occurred when I took the wrong turn near Devil's Postpile and ended up on the trail to Fern Lake.  After about 2 hours I realized I hadn't met anyone, so I checked my GPS, leading to a turnaround.  On the access trails for resupply, in this case Bishop Pass and Kearsarge Pass, pretty much the same rate of contact was the rule.  Descending from Mt Whitney, I found myself at Whitney Junction about 3:30 PM, but it was easy to join a friendly group for the headlamp march 11 miles out to Whitney Portal, and a ride to my waiting motel.  Also, people are generous to hikers, in the form of rides to trail heads.

      Happy trails,


      ---In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, <johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I'm hoping to segment the JMT from Lake Edison to TM or HI, and was wondering if anyone can give me general info on doing that SOLO.  I have collected as much as my brain can hold off the internet, and the files on this site, and would like some real people contact.


      I am here in Fresno and my wife will drop me off and pick me back up on both ends so that's not a problem.  I am an experienced backpacker with the Scouts and probably have close to 1000 days and miles in my past.  I did half Dome this past summer by going to LYV and spending the night and then summiting and going home the next day.  The mileage was easy.  Im a runner doing 3 miles 4-5 times per week and a half marathon every once in a while.


      Thoughts I was wondering about for JMT are:



      places to go fishing

      go Northbound or Southbound

                            I know NB out of Edison is easy to get the permit

      dangers of being alone

                     I do carry a concealed weapon but i'm not sure about taking it yet, Cat's

                     story , may have convinced me to take it

      bring a Sat phone or a SPOT device


      Remember not looking for specifics now, just trying to put the pencil to paper and see what I can come up with.


      Thank you in advance





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