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35248RE: Google honors Yosemite NP and the JMT

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  • sanfran_rwood
    Oct 1, 2013

      Folks with permits are apparently allowed to stay on trail until the permits expire, so anyone still NoBo on the JMT is presumably safe.  But no new permits are being issued, so hiking up from a Yosemite trailhead is a citable offense, so "closed" does have a legal meaning, even if there's no fence and locked gate.

      But what about someone starting a backcountry hike outside where self-registration is okay? That's probably a loophole big enough to hike through for a few late-season backpackers.

      The scenery is still there. Wildlife is on furlough, however. The big pump that keeps the streams flowing is only being operated at its minimum power setting. 


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      And how will they stop people using the trails?  You can't put a fence around a wilderness.
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      Painfully ironic.  Are people allowed to use the trails? 

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