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35204RE: RE: rest time after thru-hike

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  • ravi_jmt2013
    Sep 28, 2013
      I estimate that I only lost around 5 pounds on the trail but I was very hungry starting about two days after leaving MTR. I ended up deciding to hike faster and ate my eight days of food in seven days.  My bear can was totally full leaving MTR and I had budgeted about 3,300 calories per day. I finished the hike with just one Clif Bar in the canister.  Like many others, I did not feel particularly hungry prior to MTR but in reality I was probably running a calorie deficit for most of the trip.  

      It worked out OK for me because I found that I liked hiking more hours on the last several days so finishing the second half of the hike n 7 days was fine but I plan to study my food choices more carefully before my next multi-week trip.
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