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  • ravi_jmt2013
    Sep 23, 2013

      I did hike solo and camped solo most of the time (by choice). However, I did meet many other hikers and shared a campsite a few times during the trip.  I found that most campsites that are not visible from the trail tend to be lightly used which makes sense.  I simply found a campsite not within view of the trail on the nights that I wanted to camp alone.  A few nights I camped very near to the trail and had company which I anticipated would happen.  

      I hiked 18 days but one of those days was nearly a zero day (Devil's Postpile to Red's Meadow) so it was really 17 days.  The only significant side trip was to Half Dome but I also did a couple of detours to hike the full trail (including the section around MTR).  I had three resupplies - Tuolumne, Red's, and MTR and two zero days, both unplanned, at Red's and MTR.  The reason for the unplanned zero days was that I started earlier than expected due to getting a Happy Isles walk in permit.

      In retrospect, I "over planned" for the trip and most days my itinerary differed somewhat from the plan.  For my next long distance hike, I will avoid making reservations or other fixed plans ahead of time since that provides much more flexibility.  Also, I think that I will plan on more miles per day since I learned that I enjoy being on the move more than extended times in camp.  I am leaning toward the Colorado Trail for next year.

      As an aside, in my opinion MTR was the best stop of the trip and I thought they were very hiker friendly (even when I was getting my resupply and before I checked in to my tent cabin). 

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      Congrats on completing JMT in one shot!  Look forward to your photos!  Did you do solo? If so did you camp solo?  How many days it took for completion?  How many food resupplies etc?  


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      I completed the JMT on Saturday, September 14 exiting at Whitney Portal around 1pm.  I have to say that the hike vastly exceeded my high expectations in almost every way.  In particular, the high passes on the second half of the trip were just incredible compared to any of the hiking I've done in the past.  Also, with the exception of the first day leaving Yosemite Valley, the Red's Meadow area (during Labor Day weekend), the Rae Lakes loop area, and Trail Crest to Whitney Portal, I found the trail to be much less crowded than I anticipated.  I believe that the longest stretch of trail where I didn't see any other hikers was from Pinchot Pass to the Woods Creek suspension bridge. 

      Despite the fires, there was only one day when smoke was an issue and that happened to be in Red's Meadow where I was taking an unplanned zero day due to being ahead of schedule.  I only put on rain gear once while hiking (near Silver Pass) and only had three days where I had any rain in camp beyond sprinkles. 

      Favorite stretches of trail:  Upper Lyell Canyon to Thousand Island Lake, Rosemarie Meadows to Sallie Keys Lakes, Evolution Basin and Muir Pass, Mather Pass and Upper Basin, Glen Pass, Forrester Pass, and of course, Mt. Whitney.  Least favorite:  Area around Red's Meadow, three to four miles prior to the Woods Creek Bridge, and most of all, the seemingly interminable descent from Trail Crest to Whitney Portal going "against traffic" due to all the day hikers ascending! 

      I may post some pictures later once I sort through all of them (well over a thousand).  I'm already thinking about my next long hike ... probably either the Colorado Trail or a longer segment of the PCT (maybe Kennedy Meadows to Tahoe northbound). 

      Thanks again for all the advice and help from the group.  I doubt that my hike would have gone as well without all that input!
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