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3510Re: Is Mid-September too late to start?

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  • matt
    Feb 1, 2009

      I finished my hike on October 18, 2008. I used a northface pyxis
      sleeping bag 0 degrees, synthetic. It is a good bag and weights only
      3.5 pounds. I would weigh your wilderness competence before going
      that late or find a partner whom is experienced. I saw only around 20
      people my whole hike after t-meadows. So it is considerably more
      dangerous. That said, bring the right gear and knowledge and it is
      the best time of the year.


      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "Bob Bankhead"
      <wandering_bob@...> wrote:
      > Kermit:
      > Regarding resort closures, here is the info from 2008:
      > Reds Mdw Resort closed 30 Sept
      > Reds Mdw Shuttle bus service stopped 3 Sept
      > Vermillion Valley Resort says hiker supply boxes can be picked up as
      late as 15 Oct, depending on snow conditions. However, their ferry
      boat service stops 1 Oct.
      > Muir Trail Ranch closed the last week of Sept, and their last PO
      pickup was 15 Sept.
      > Your greatest challenge would be at Onion Valley if you were looking
      to hitch out to Independence and back. I don't know when the USFS
      campground at Onion Valley closes. I'm pretty sure the OV Pack Station
      is closed around Labor Day, if it's even open that late. You'd have to
      contact Sequoia King Pack Trains at pinecreekps@... or call
      760-387-2627 to find out.
      > Wandering Bob
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