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35019Re: Trip report: solo SOBO JMT + WEBO HST

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  • Chris Hauser
    Sep 13, 2013
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      Hi Kyle:
      Yes, the bivy has both a 24-inch zipper, and a draw string around the top.  The draw string will pull the top tight around your head.  Also, the top of the bivy is uneven, just like a mummy sleeping bag, so you can have it match the shape of the sleeping bag if you want your face exposed, or you can flip it to create a hood to protect your head/face from the weather.  As with any bivy, you want to avoid breathing into the bag, which creates condensation.
      I slept on top of two pads, outside the bivy.  Before the trip, I tried sleeping in it with the pads inside, and I think that would have worked well, but I'm a side sleeper, so it kept me from curling up and getting comfortable.  I am a wimp when it comes to getting comfy in bed, so I use 2 pads:  a cheap blue closed-cell foam pad, plus a Thermarest ProLight pad that I got at an REI used gear sale for $5 (it had two leaks I fixed).  Also had an inflatable pillow.
      >Kyle Arn wrote:
      >Chris, did you use the Escape Bivy on top of your sleeping pad or is it big enough to put a pad and bag inside of it?  It looks pretty cool.  Does it have a zipper and a >drawstring for around your head?

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