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34966RE: RE: You can register your dislike or like of the new Yahoo Groups format here

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  • longritchie
    Sep 10, 2013

      The comments to that were pretty funny. They started out trashing Yahoo's change and then went to trashing Google's various changes and finally every "site revamp in the history of site revamps".

      I'm new here and don't have too much invested in this group but if it were me I'd remake this forum somewhere else. Even if you can fix all the broken pieces here what's to keep Yahoo from doing this again some day?

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      Some interesting posts on slashdot about Yahoo and the changes:


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      You can register your dislike or like of the new Yahoo Groups format here

      You can see the comments are about 100-to-1 against the new format.  I'm in agreement with the consensus, so much has been broken.  Each member can vote on existing comments (your vote is considered a "yes" vote, no "no" voting is allowed), you are allowed to share 50 votes.

      I urge all members to register votes to the comments they most agree with.  You can enter new complaints but I think all complaint comments have been made.  I added one but it appears to be redundant to many others.

      I can't believe they did not add the option for moderators to "opt-out" of the new format, nor was advance notice sent to moderators about this.  This is worse than the old "New Coke" fiasco in my opinion.


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