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34965Re: [John Muir Trail] RE: You can register your dislike or like of the new Yahoo Groups format here

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  • Roleigh Martin
    Sep 10, 2013
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      I saw that page this morning, I like the comment where the poster said:

      Re:Ignoring your users is the new mantra (Score:5, Insightful)
      by TheSkepticalOptimist (898384) on Wednesday September 04, 2013 @02:19PM (#44758853)
      They are definitely NOT ignoring their users.

      They are pandering to the emergence of the Idiot Elite.

      Think of it, all those features could be argued as "power" features, which have been stripped out or dumbed down to pander to a growing populace of people too lazy or otherwise unable to figure out how to learn something a little more advanced than point and click.

      I mean Microsoft pulled the start menu because ALL iOS and Android users are used to accessing apps by slapping a hairy knuckle against a grid these days, no fancy "tree" lists, categorizations or having to type to find something. Microsoft might have pissed off their power users, but guaranteed there are more people that actually like the Metro interface then the vocal minority that hate it. People are NOT complaining about the dumbed down simplicity of other Tablet OS'es these days.

      So nerds, geeks, and dweebs do not rule the tech universe anymore, we are just along for the ride. We used to drive the market by wanting faster and better and more powerful in every generation, but eventually companies could not keep up and realized taking a large regressive step backwards made these products more accessible and desirable by the non-tech elite. Instead of upgrading to a new more powerful 16 core desktop, the idiot elite were dazzled by the simplicity of a tablet or phone with only a small fraction of the processing power and abandoned traditional computers, as they are with other services and games. People would rather fling a bird at pigs or harvest Smurfberries for 6 hours a day rather than exploring a world in an RPG or even getting out their aggressions in a state of the art FPS.

      Every company today is crafting their services and products to pander to the Idiot Elite because they know they can profit more from them rather than trying to appease the power user. Consider the idea if an FPS like Crysis came out where you would have to buy your ammo with real world money. The GEEKS and NERDS would have revolted and the game would never be successful. However today the Idiot Elite are throwing millions of real world money at companies buying their fucking Smurfberries.

      Companies are not ignoring their demographic, they are just beginning to realize how naive they are.

      We lost, even Slashdot is slowly slipping into a social site where people would rather debate the qualities of cat breeds rather than ripping into the merits of a new CPU architecture.

      No company makes a change to their service or product just to piss of customers, they do so because they are realizing there is a growing market of users that simply do not give a f###!

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      On Tue, Sep 10, 2013 at 4:11 PM, <kent.mclemore@...> wrote:

      Some interesting posts on slashdot about Yahoo and the changes:


      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, <roleigh@...> wrote:

      You can register your dislike or like of the new Yahoo Groups format here

      You can see the comments are about 100-to-1 against the new format.  I'm in agreement with the consensus, so much has been broken.  Each member can vote on existing comments (your vote is considered a "yes" vote, no "no" voting is allowed), you are allowed to share 50 votes.

      I urge all members to register votes to the comments they most agree with.  You can enter new complaints but I think all complaint comments have been made.  I added one but it appears to be redundant to many others.

      I can't believe they did not add the option for moderators to "opt-out" of the new format, nor was advance notice sent to moderators about this.  This is worse than the old "New Coke" fiasco in my opinion.

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