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34933Re: [John Muir Trail] Re: Small fires in the wilderness

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  • Mark Liechty
    Sep 9 7:53 AM
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      On Sep 9, 2013, at 6:37 AM, "kennethjessett@..." <kenjessett@...> wrote:

      The Rim fire was caused by a camp fire which 'got away' from the hunter, causing untold damage and many deaths among the animals that made the forest their home.

      There will be a lot of politics around the cause of this fire.   The theory that it was a Hunter is one but they have not found this mystery villain.  For all we know this entire mess was caused by the anti-gun lobby. (I don't buy that either)

      As best we can tell there is no active firearm hunting season in that area at this time.  That would make the person who did this a POACHER.  A Criminal who should be taken to the streets and beaten to death.

      Calling the Poacher a hunter is the same as calling anyone who has ever had intercourse a RAPIST.  The act is the same,  one is Legal the other a crime.  If you are not OK with calling your father, yourself or your friends rapists then please do not lump hunters in with Poachers.

      Words matter in this political environment and we all have some responsibility to try to stop the madness.

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