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34932Re: Small fires in the wilderness

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  • kennethjessett@sbcglobal.net
    Sep 9, 2013
      The weather has changed, the days when one could light fires in wilderness areas with impunity have gone. I remember as a boy scout we would use brush or whatever came to hand to start a camp fire, but we had strict guidelines on how and where to do it and were well supervised in the doing of it. And it rained a lot.

      The Rim fire was caused by a camp fire which 'got away' from the hunter, causing untold damage and many deaths among the animals that made the forest their home.

      The air is dryer and hotter these days and the ground tinder dry, there are other means available to us now-a-days to cook meals, and burning up the forest shouldn't be one of them.

      The days of playing at being an outdoors man or wilderness survivor using only the natural materials available have gone. It's like walking across a newly built freeway because there used to be a field there, not a wise thing to do.

      We should try to be good protectors of our natural resources, to enjoy without endangering so that others can do likewise.

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