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34925Small fires in the wilderness

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  • Larry Beck
    Sep 8, 2013
      I realize fires of any kind are forbidden this year due to fire danger but I have heard that many purists believe fires should be restricted all of the time. If anyone has an opinion on this, I'd be interested in hearing why? (or why not?)
      I have made fires in the past... fires I jokingly like to call "little Indian fires". A little Indian fire is a fire created in a small hole using branches of 1/2 inch in diameter of less. I usually collect enough fuel to keep the fire going for about 1/2 hour or so. It's amazing how much warmth and cheer a 6 inch diameter fire will generate. When it burns out, I pour about 3 gallons of water on it, mix it up, and then bury it. This would normally be built in an existing fire ring of course.
      Fire is a normal, healthy process in the wilderness as we all know. Most forest fires are caused by natural phenomenon in fact. (Sadly, not the Rim fire though)
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