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34829RE: Steripen vs. Sawyer squeeze filter

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  • cjoslyn99
    Sep 4 11:32 AM

      I used Sawyer Squeeze last year having previously used PUR Hiker pump/filter.  I would say it overall worked very well and was more convenient by comparison, but it's not that easy to "squeeze."  I keep my hydro-bladder in my pack and w/ an inline connector, it was very simple/easy to do a gravity drain in a few minutes.  The squeeze bottles they give you don't have handles to hang so need to hold it up or find a different kind of container.


      For smaller fill-ups (e.g., to fill my water bottle for drink mixes), it takes some effort to squeeze the water out.  On that point, the squeeze bottles they give you are not very sturdy.  Best bet is to roll from the end like a tube of toothpaste to avoid making creases.  There are also other brand containers you can use that are more durable.  I did get a small leak in one of my bags and was able to patch w/ duct tape.  However, I've heard others complain they split at the seams or other places you couldn't repair.


      You can also drink directly from the filter element if you attach to a standard screw top water bottle and can also rig a an inline filter (i.e., dirty water in your hydration bladder) but I never did that.


      Whatever you decide, bring an emergency backup (e.g., tabs).

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      Has anyone used the Sawyer Squeeze filter on the JMT or on any other trip.  Just came across it.  I was originally looking into a steripen, but now I am comparing them.
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