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34827RE: Heading to the Valley....Hwy 120 options

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  • cjoslyn99
    Sep 4, 2013

      If you can get to May Lake TH or Porcupine Creek TH, you can also get down to Mirror Lake like you can from Olmstead...distances may be a little shorter. 

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, <robinbeck@...> wrote:

      I posted this last week, but I'll mention what we did at the end of our hike (not a bad option):

      We ended up taking the eastern sierra shuttle to Lee Vining, hitchhiking to Tuolumne Meadow, taking the hiker shuttle to Olmsted Point and hiking 9.6 miles down the Snow Creek trail to the valley.

      We considered other options but I think this was the fastest way to go. A few key things to know:

      --YARTS is still running, but the bus that arrives in Mammoth Lakes at 8:30 is NOT RUNNING. Only the first and last busses are operating. This is why it makes sense to go to Lee Vining as hitching a ride on 120 to TM is very very easy from there.

      --The hike from Olmsted is much shorter than taking the JMT back to the valley and you can see the trail clearly on the Tom Harrison maps. The hiker shuttle from TM runs every 30 minutes, so that's easy too.

      On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 10:44 AM, <coureur_de_boue@...> wrote:

      A couple of my buddies & I are heading down to Yosemite to start our JMT SOBO hike on Sept 11.

      There is a temporary ("5 to 7 day") road closure on Hwy 120 that has put a wrench in our plans. We are planning to shuttle from Whitney to Yosemite Valley & we hope that the closure will be over by Sept 10th.

      If not, I am loathing the idea of detouring south & then up through Fresno. Just more logistics to work out.

      Looking at some trail maps, it would seem possible to shuttle northward as planned, & head west of Mammoth/Tuolumne on the open section of 120 & get dropped off at a trail head somewhere before the closed section area.

      There seem to be a few trails that descend from there & into the Valley, but I am not sure which one would be the most efficient.


      Is anyone here familiar with those trails? Is this a reasonable/feasable idea?


      Thanks in advance .



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