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34823Heading to the Valley....Hwy 120 options

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  • coureur_de_boue
    Sep 4, 2013

      A couple of my buddies & I are heading down to Yosemite to start our JMT SOBO hike on Sept 11.

      There is a temporary ("5 to 7 day") road closure on Hwy 120 that has put a wrench in our plans. We are planning to shuttle from Whitney to Yosemite Valley & we hope that the closure will be over by Sept 10th.

      If not, I am loathing the idea of detouring south & then up through Fresno. Just more logistics to work out.

      Looking at some trail maps, it would seem possible to shuttle northward as planned, & head west of Mammoth/Tuolumne on the open section of 120 & get dropped off at a trail head somewhere before the closed section area.

      There seem to be a few trails that descend from there & into the Valley, but I am not sure which one would be the most efficient.


      Is anyone here familiar with those trails? Is this a reasonable/feasable idea?


      Thanks in advance.



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