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34598Smoke from Rim Fire

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  • debrabrownbear
    Aug 23, 2013
      Long story short...had to bail out SOBO at VVR due to a nasty and painful infected big toe, spent a couple of days at home up to my ears in antibiotics and Epsom salt footbaths, and today drove over Sonora pass west to east, thinking to hole up at June lake until my toe is ready to roll again, and then may try going back to the JMT over Kearsarge. All that aside...the smoke beginning at about 1000' in the foothills is terrible. All the way up and over the 9600' Sonora pass it's very smoky. Sitting in Bridgeport having a burger, and can see the smoke leaking out into the east side of the Sierra through the Levitt and Walker drainages. Looks good so far to the south. A friend of mine in Groveland and reports winds from the SW, which explains what I'm seeing here.
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