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34580Re: [John Muir Trail] JMT in 7 Days (TM-->Mt. Whitney)

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  • Roleigh Martin
    Aug 23, 2013
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      I took this picture of someone on August 12 who said he finished his JMT in 7 days, is this you?

      Again, super congrats!

      Inline image 1

      Visit my Google Profile (lots of very interesting research links)

      On Sun, Aug 18, 2013 at 12:29 AM, apspds@... <apspds@...> wrote:

      Hi All,

      Well, I finished my hike on Monday (8/12) morning and am just now getting around to posting....

      It was amazing....each and every step and each and every day....

      I've seen so much discussion over the years on "fast-packing" and all the emotion surrounding it.  I've never hiked a long trail in such a short time.  I've hiked the AT, the TRT, the CT, the WT, and the JMT once before.  I know my gear....I know my body...  I started backpacking long before the advent of "lightweight gear" and have embraced it's many changes over the past 15 years.

      And here I sit....not wanting to label myself as a "fast-packer" but for that matter...not wanting to label myself anything....and then also...not really thinking that any of the "labels" we put on each other really mean much at all.

      I started the JMT at 6:00 PM on 8/4 and hiked all night from TM to Thousand Island Lake.  I saw 3 bear, too many deer to count, and shooting stars all night.  I arrived at Thousand Island Lake in time to see the sky start to light and stayed awake long enough to enjoy the entire sunrise....It was magical....  I slept for 4 hours, went for a swim, and then hiked to Red Meadows.  Thirty-something miles to my first campsite.

      Each subsequent day I did the same things.... started hiking at 4:00 AM....saw TONS of morning wildlife...went for two lake swims a day....hiked two passes a day....stopped and talked to SOOO many people including: PCT hikers, JMT Hikers, Day Hikers, Weekenders, CCC Trail Crews, NPS workers at Muir Hut, Ranger Dave on Glen Pass, Rangers Erica, Rick, and Susan on the trail.......  I hiked about 30 miles each day....watched the sunset...and found a place to lay down under the starts to sleep.

      It was the most physically demanding thing I've probably ever done....but I did it the way I wanted to do it.....  

      The wildlife, the miles, the people, the swimming (yes that was me swimming in Guitar Lake)....were some of the most special time I've ever spent in my 45 years.  

      I'm a lucky man.....  We should all be lucky enough to be able to just "hike your own hike."....

      Peace, Love, Courage.....

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