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33983Re: Got a stomach infection on the trail.. not sure from where..

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  • Robert
    Aug 5, 2013
      I'm betting on one of three options:
      1-drinking or eating something that was tainted with horse or mule crap.
      2-hygiene issues and/or #1 added to the cause.
      3-food poisoning from any number of stops you may have made,ie; Reds, VVR. ect.

      There was one time I ate at VVR and about lost my cheeseburger when I saw the cooks hands AFTER I already ate my meal! They were filthy and he had dirt embedded under his nails. That was many years ago, and it is one reason I pass on VVR, YMMV.

      As a side note, just because your water comes from a clear flowing creek doesn't make it safer than lake water. In fact, the top layer of lake water that is exposed to UV light is safer for consumption bases on studies of untreated water. I doubt you got it from water, unless you drank it unfiltered downstream from where the hooved locusts, (horses), have been.

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "James" <mcpuddin@...> wrote:
      > Hey guys,
      > I was on the JMT from July 15 - July 30. If you were there, I carried a washboard on me playing some music.
      > I unfortunately had to exit 2 days early at Kersarge because of stomach pains and malnutrition for 5 days. I just got my test results back and I was positive for "Campylobacter jejuni".
      > Anyone ever get that before?
      > Any tips to avoid that again?
      > Anyone have some hypothesi of where I got it? Im thinking food poisioning at one of the Cafes, Blaney Hot Springs ( too many people washing their bums in there ), Jumping in the non super flowing rivers to bathe, Eating too many raw onions without washing them with clean water.
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