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33933Re: [John Muir Trail] Route Planning Advice

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  • john_friend
    Aug 3, 2013
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      FYI, this is exactly the plan I just finished last week. 18 days with this exact days between stops (3, 3, 4, 8). We initially planned 20 days total, but found we could make up a day from Red's to MTR (no stop at VVR) and then I figured I could also make up a day in the 2nd half (which I did).

      I had three long days (16, 17 and 16 miles) and this was done because of the distance between a couple passes (Muir to Mather and Pinchot to Glen) and my desire to make one pass a day in the second half after Muir and to go over passes in the morning because of severe afternoon weather I was experiencing and the last long day was because I wanted to get all the way down from Whitney to Whitney Portal without camping at Trail Camp. All other days were generally in the 10-14 mile range except for a couple short days (first day and 2nd to last day) which were both positioning days (position yourself for the next day). I had no 20 mile days. For reference, I'm 55 and in avg shape, though I trained extensively before the hike (hiking and muscle building in the gym).

      For me, the hard part was the relentless passes in the 2nd half. If you don't keep to making one every day after Muir, then you lose a day somewhere and it's pretty difficult to get it back (you'd have to make two passes in a day). The first half is more flexible in that you can vary your mileage a bit more from day to day. We also managed to arrive at Tuolumne, Red's and MTR all by about 2pm so we had time to burn on those days due to prior progress. After arriving at MTR and resupplying, I hiked another 4 miles that evening (in a thunderous rainstorm) to get a head start on the climb up to Muir Pass (with a heavy pack carrying 9 days of food).


      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "jj442434" <jj442434@...> wrote:
      > Perhaps if I cut my time on the JMT to 18 days, I could do it. I was planning to start out at around 8~10 mile days to start, gradually working up to 15 mile days. To cut three days off the JMT, I will have to aim for some 20 mile days.
      > I'm planning for 19 days, and I don't have any 20 mile days planned, Say you take 18 days and wanted to stick to your miles per day plan. Then:
      > Happy Isles -> Tuolumne Meadows
      > 23.1 miles, 3 days
      > 7.7 mpd (more if you do Half Dome)
      > TM -> Red's
      > 36.2 mi, 3 days
      > 12.07 mpd
      > Red's -> MTR
      > 46.4 mi, 4 days
      > 11.6 mpd
      > MTR -> Whitney Portal
      > 115.9 mi, 8 days
      > 14.5 mpd
      > ______________
      > Total
      > 221.6 mi, 18 days
      > If you're OK with no zero days (I guess that's a big if), you can do it in 18 days, and still not exceed your mileage goals.
      > But I personally would have to agree with Ray. Don't rush a trip of a lifetime
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