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33611Re: [John Muir Trail] Best camping between Charlotte Lake & Vidette Meadow

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  • Alex Cheng
    Jul 28, 2013
      I agree with Robert.  Charlotte always looks nice from the trail, but I've never been there.  Perhaps it is because I prefer smaller lakes...  One time I did camp at Vidette Meadows and I won't stay there anymore.  Besides the regular bear visits, there were lots of mosquitos, even in mid-August - when mozzies weren't bad at other places.  I prefer to continue on up towards Forester Pass and find a camping spot there.

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      I'd say either stay at Charlotte or push on, up and out of Vidette, if only because Vidette is kind of bear central. 

      When you come down from Glen, there really aren't a lot of spots to camp. Not much water either. 

      Eventually you'll hit the junction there for Charlotte, kearsage..... I've never stayed at Charlotte but it looks great on the descent. 

      If you want to go just a tad further you can head down into Vidette and on the way, pass a small camp, where there's a trail up to bullfrog lake. Never been there, might be a fine place to spend the night. 

       If you keep on going, you'll get down into Vidette. Last year the two bear boxes that were there, were gone.

      I've met two bears in Vidette, both in the afternoon and I've past through a few other times and seen some damage they did to other camps, so I've never been a fan of the place. 

      My usual day involves getting over Glen, then just moving right through Vidette and getting all the way up onto the plateau, or meadow---- on the way up and out of Vidette, you'll hit a large camp spot off to the right, maybe an hour out of Vidette, but if you just keep going, you'll come to a few more spots, just where the trail makes a left turn and brings you up to the plateau. 

      This is pretty much, "being under" forester and ready for your morning climb, up and over.

      You could stay in the camp spots, but just after you make the little left hand turn, there are a few, or walk out about a hundred yards and camp amongst the rocks. Wide open sky and if you've never been over Forester, the view up will have you guessing as to which way the trail turns--not a bad place to spend the night .....


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      On Jul 27, 2013, at 10:06 PM, "Erica" <xericamunsonx@...> wrote:

      I'm revising our itinerary of our last few days on the trail, and wanted to see what spots would be recommended as 'the best' between Charlotte Lake & Vidette Meadow. Originally I had us staying at Charlotte Lake to meet a friend (that won't be meeting us anymore) - so I'm now debating pushing past Charlotte that night for a better spot (if there is one) I figure with only 3 days left on the trail - better make sure each night is great!


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