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33581Re: [John Muir Trail] Route Planning Advice

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  • jj442434
    Jul 28, 2013
      Perhaps if I cut my time on the JMT to 18 days, I could do it. I was planning to start out at around 8~10 mile days to start, gradually working up to 15 mile days. To cut three days off the JMT, I will have to aim for some 20 mile days.

      I'm planning for 19 days, and I don't have any 20 mile days planned, Say you take 18 days and wanted to stick to your miles per day plan. Then:

      Happy Isles -> Tuolumne Meadows
      23.1 miles, 3 days
      7.7 mpd (more if you do Half Dome)

      TM -> Red's
      36.2 mi, 3 days
      12.07 mpd

      Red's -> MTR
      46.4 mi, 4 days
      11.6 mpd

      MTR -> Whitney Portal
      115.9 mi, 8 days
      14.5 mpd

      221.6 mi, 18 days

      If you're OK with no zero days (I guess that's a big if), you can do it in 18 days, and still not exceed your mileage goals.

      But I personally would have to agree with Ray. Don't rush a trip of a lifetime
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