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33569Re: [John Muir Trail] Route Planning Advice

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  • Ray Rippel
    Jul 28, 2013
      Good day, Russell,

      Nice to hear of another JMT hiker from Hawaii. I'm sitting in Kailua as I write this.

      A couple of quick comments:

         - In one of the last sections of my book, Planning Your Thru-Hike of the John Muir Trail, I list five possible missteps that can ruin your hike. The first one on the list is this: Don’t let your days available dictate your pace. I think your first instinct is a good one. Start slow and try to do more when you get your trail legs. Do some negotiating with your boss, or your wife (I repeat myself), and make sure you have allotted the days you need. Remember, you probably aren't going to do this every year--most folks will probably be willing to cut you some slack for a once in lifetime experience.

         - I noted in your original post that you are contemplating starting your hike in July. This year that would have worked fine because we had very little snow. You can't really count on that next year, though. Also, late July can be much different than early July. If the Sierra gets a lot of snow, and particularly if that snow comes late, you may have trouble making your planned mileage as you deal with the white stuff.

      I'm not sure if you are on Oahu, but if you are, and if you would like to get together to discuss your plans, drop me a line.

      Good hiking, Ray

      Ray Rippel
      Author, Planning Your Thru-Hike of the John Muir Trail

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