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33269Re: Paraglide Over Sierras

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  • Chris
    Jul 20, 2013
      I found a KML of the flight. Directly over the top of Forester Pass, heading east to west, about 2000 feet above the pass. Right about noon on July 1:

      Description of the flight:

      --- In johnmuirtrail@yahoogroups.com, "Chris" <cehauser1@...> wrote:
      > Holy wow... what a video! Thanks for sharing!
      > At risk of ruining the magic...
      > He launches from the top of the road to Cottonwood Lakes, heads north along the Sierra Crest over Mt Whitney and Mt Williamson, crosses W along the Kings-Kern Divide (west over Forester Pass as Mark points out), then SW along the Great Western Divide, then W along the north slope of the Kaweah River Canyon past Moro Rock, down to Central Valley below.
      > Some details:
      > 1:10 Over Tulainyo Lake, looking W at Wallace Lake and Wales Lake.
      > 1:40 Over Mt Williamson, looking W at Mt Tyndall.
      > 1:45 Over Thunder Mountain, looking east. Kern River Canyon to south.
      > 1:55 Over Table Mountain, looking N into Bubb's Creek Canyon.
      > 2:20 Over Centennial Peak, looking S into upper Cloud Canyon drainage.
      > 2:35 Over Great Western Divide, looking W at Josephine Lake.
      > 2:45 Over Josephine Lake, looking SW along Glacier Ridge.
      > 3:05 Over Glacier Ridge, looking N Josephine Lake and King's Canyon below.
      > 3:40 Over Tablelands, looking W into Kaweah River canyon.
      > 3:50 Over E Tablelands, looking SW down Buck Creek (white stripe).
      > 4:00 Over the High Sierra Trail, along N slope of Kaweah River Canyon, looking W.
      > 4:30 Over Buckeye Flat, looking N at Moro Rock (people on top)
      > 5:30 Lake Kaweah (downstream of Three Rivers).
      > Amazing.
      > Chris.
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